The strong dollar is starting to wallop U.S. tourism. Those euro- and ruble-carrying jet-setters are stuck at home. Canadians, too, may skip Florida and fly straight to Cancun, where the loonie buys tequila at less than Miami prices. No wonder New York hotel occupancy slumped 4.7 percent in January — worse than Boston, which was buried under several feet of snoDSC_0299w. Last week (when the dollar traded at 1.08 to the Euro) while appearing with Maria Bartiromo I warned that currencies tend to overshoot and that the Dollar will keep roaring. This morning we briefly touched 1.0493. I also pointed out that the half-naked Abercrombie model on Fifth Avenue used to be mobbed by foreign girls, who waited in long queues for a photo op with his abs. Now he’s by himself — shivering. I hope he gets paid in dollars. That way he can afford to buy himself a shirt.

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