“Just about everyone agrees that we need more farmers.”  Really?  That was the first sentence of a New York Times oped by Mark Bittman.  I love farmers, and I get teary at Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer.”  I recently gave a speech to the Soybean Expo in Fargo.  Farmers have done an extraordinary job driving down the price of food.  Back in 1950, the average American family spent almost one-third of its income on food.  By 1985 it fell to 17%.  Today just 11%.  American families spend far less on food than any other country — and it’s not because we’re skinny!  Plus, even big supermarket chains now offer fresher, artisanal choices.  Is there really a crisis in the nuGreen_Acresmber of farmers?  If we still think food is too expensive, we should get rid of government regulations that drive up food prices by 20 to 40 percent.  So let’s salute the farmer, but let’s not invent new crises.

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