Mario Cuomo once said anyone is electable as long as he’s not carrying a body bag over his shoulder. Could Michael Bloomberg mount a successful campaign for president? He certainly has the money, the ideas, and a record (not a criminal record, like some other Northeastern politicians). Is he electable? While earlier rumors focused on a third party run, Bloomberg would have a fair shot at deposing Hillary Clinton, et al in the Democratic primary. Though he won New York’s crown as a Republican, he lines up closely with Democrats on social issues: pro-choice; pro-gay marriage; pro-gun control; worried about global warming; lenient on immigration.

Imagine if Bloomberg faced off in the presidential election against Donald Trump? Democrats could gleefully shout: “Our billionaire is ten times richer than your billionaire!”

It is hard to find two other individuals who have so skillfully branded their names. When launching his financial data and news company, Michael Bloomberg insisted that the computer terminal be called “The Bloomberg.” He started the company after the acquirer of Salomon Brothers fired him. He is a hands-on manager. Before he became mayor, when I would go to the Bloomberg building in New York to give interviews, Michael Bloomberg would prowl the open-architectured newsroom like a brilliant panther.

bloomberg-businessweek-legs-coverHillary’s campaign and her poll numbers look so feeble, Bloomberg should not feel intimidated. Right now, Bernie Sanders, a socialist from New England who speaks with a Noo Yawk accent is beating her in New Hampshire polls. Why shouldn’t a capitalist from New York with a Bawston accent jump in? Democrat strategists may need to look around for a youthful vice-presidential running mate. At the next presidential inauguration, Hillary would be 69; Sanders 75; Biden and Bloomberg 74. If any of these senior citizens wins the presidency, they could sell Air Force One and just cruise around on a Holland America ship.

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