Wall Street Journal has Good Taste

The Price of Prosperity received a strong review from the Wall Street Journal.  Former editor George Melloan wrote such lovely things about me that I’ve decided to…renew my subscription!  Here’s an excerpt:IMG_2921

“Mr. Buchholz wryly observes that when rich nations begin to shatter, “everyone has a comfy bed—but fewer people have a reason to get out of it.” He cites the rising number of early retirees and a doubling of the number of people who have quit their jobs and filed for disability benefits since 1995. . . . Mr. Buchholz was economic adviser to George H.W. Bush. He has run a hedge fund. He teaches and writes books and is popular with TV talk-show hosts. His book reflects that range of talents in that it has the tone of a provocative and entertaining dinner speech, studded with factoids and witticisms. .. . The result is entertaining and informative .. . Mr. Buchholz has raised his warning flags in a charming way.”

The book has jumped to #1 best-seller rank on Amazon for government.  That means it beat out Mao’s Little Red Book and the California DMV study guide!


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