How Trump Can Save Trillions

I was happy to see Treasury Secretary-designate Steve Mnuchin and advisor David Malpass discuss the U.S. Treasury’s mishandling of debt.  For years I’ve been urging the Treasury to issue long-term 50 or 100-year bonds to lock in today’s ridiculously low interest rates.  In the Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, and The Price of Prosperity, I’ve argued that the U.S. government recklessly carries enormous risk with a portfolio of bonds that averagehqdefault just over 5 years.  If market rates return to normal levels, U.S. debt payments could jump by $5 trillion.  A few weeks ago, Austria issued 70-year bonds.  Ireland and Belgium have done similar deals.  Norfolk Southern Railway sold 100-year bonds.  So did Disney, calling them Sleeping Beauties. By taking this step the Trump team would show their financial acumen, but more important, they would save our children and grandchildren trillions of dollars.

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