“Seven Great Surprises for 2018” for investors.  Fun reading from The Beachwood Group:

(1) Congress and the European Parliament pressure the Federal Reserve Board and the European Central Bank to audit and regulate Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. After watching Bitcoin prices catapult in 2017, central banks worry that too many small investors are vulnerable to manipulation and “secret “mining” operations. The government assault scares Bitcoin investors, and gold prices jump as an alternative.
(2) “Dead Malls” come back to life. After being nearly exterminated by Amazon and other online retailers, malls re-emerge as “experiential destinations.” Consumers rediscover town center “storefront” malls, where they can see live shows, take exercise classes, and try out eclectic restaurants.
(3) Housing sputters in high tax states like California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts under the force of two factors: (1) The new Tax Act limits state and local tax deductions, and (2) rising interest rates squeeze new borrowers.

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