The now-famous photo from the White House Situation Room has probably got Hillary Clinton foaming.  Why did the White House release a photo that shows the Secretary of State covering her mouth with her hand, a typical female gesture during moments of embarrassment or fear?  Could the Obama team want to keep her in a subservient position?  It’s a little like The Da Vinci Code, when Dan Brown tries to show that in “The Last Supper” John is really a woman, Mary Magdalene.   Here the White House shows us that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is not as brave and manly as Barack Obama.  So she better not take him on in the primaries. 

Remember, before Obama’s bump in the polls this week, his low popularity ratings could have sparked a challenge in the Democratic primary  (Ted Kennedy vs. Jimmy Carter, 1980).  With 100,000 troops in Afghanistan and hundreds of dead U.S. soldiers, it’s rather odd that a leftist candidate has not emerged.  Where’s Howard Dean? Hasn’t he rested his vocal cords from his 2004 “I Have a Scream” fest?   

In fact, I’ve debated Dean on CNBC, and he speaks more sense than he did back in 2004.  As a medical doctor, he could tear apart Obama’s healthcare plan, as well as the botched foreign policy (aside from the heroic bin Laden capture).  And I doubt you’ll find photos of Dean covering his mouth.

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