Behavioral Economics

Business leaders and policymakers take heed – your social, cognitive, and emotional biases (and those of your consumers) will affect your finances. Todd Buchholz examines how generational differences, habitual cognitive decisions, and work relationships all operate together to inform market decisions and public choices.

In Rush, Todd takes a sweeping view of the nature of competition in business, arguing for the vitality, growth, and progress it inspires in us.  The insights of Rush have been discussed in Forbes, and the Harvard Business Review.  In the New Ideas books, Todd takes a biographical approach, looking into the lives of influential entrepreneurs to explain how little ideas were turned into big successes that overhauled the way business is done.

As talented journalists such as Malcolm Gladwell and David Brooks delve into the fields of behavioral economics and behavioral finance, Todd’s analytical work offers a deeper understanding particularly suited for business people and policymakers who need to apply psychological principles to everyday life.



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