Economist Todd Buchholz is a valuable resource for international companies looking to understand the geopolitical issues that change markets on a daily basis. He writes extensively on the oil industry, the global labor force and the movement of workers, and the European debt crisis.

He has traveled and lectured before distinguished government and business groups in Australia, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, London, and Seoul, among others. Todd’s books have been translated into a dozen languages and are studied throughout the world.  New Ideas from Dead Economists was placed on the official reading list of the provisional government of Iraq following the fall of Saddam Hussein. It has been praised by leaders of emerging economies in Albania, Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic.

Following his service at the White House, Todd served as president of the G7 Group and advised international investment funds.  He is keenly positioned to understand and explain how small events in remote countries may shake up even the most mature and sophisticated markets.



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Economic Forecasting

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