Reviews & Praise


New Ideas from Dead CEOs

“Buchholz knows his stuff.”

–The New York Times

“Buchholz lights up economics with a wickedly sparkling wit.”

–Associated Press

“Todd Buchholz is a man worth listening to – here is the opportunity.”

–Julia H. Robertson Jr., chairman, Tiger Management, LLC

“Buchholz is a shrewd observer…”

–Darren Gersh, PBS Nightly Business Report


New Ideas from Dead Economists

“Outstanding…fun to read.”

-The Wall Street Journal

“This wide-ranging survey of economic thought combines a witty and clear exposition with a high degree of accuracy.”

-Milton Friedman, American economist and professor

“Precious few books…on any academic subject succeed at being witty and amusing. This is one of them. Bravo!”

–William F. Buckley, Jr., author and founder of National Review magazine



“Buchholz’s insightful observations about what makes us tick are surprising, intelligent, and entertaining. Drawing from a wide range of disciplines, he sets us straight about what we really want out of life – and makes us wonder why no one has told us before.”

-Leonard Mlodinow, author of The Drunkard’s Walk and The Grand Design (with Stephen Hawking)

“Offers a valuable corrective to many accounts of zero- and negative-sum games.”

-Tyler Cowen, author of Create Your Own Economy

“Wicked smart. Todd Buchholz is a brilliant economist. He actually makes this science fun.”

-Neil Cavuto, author of Your Money or Your Life

Rush is loaded with powerful insights and penetrating ideas. If you want to better understand how our past will shape our future, read this book.”

-James Canton, Ph D., author of The Extreme Future

“A brilliant synthesis of economic and neurobiological forces, put together into a witty and persuasive story of why human beings can’t stop rushing around to improve their lives.”

-Denis Burdakov, Ph. D., Laboratory Director, Cambridge University Neuroscience

“Once every other year or so, I come across a brilliant book I wish I had written. Rush is one of those. Buchholz’s style is literate and refreshing, his arguments and anecdotes thought provoking and potentially infuriating. Whether readers agree or disagree, they will have a lot of fun with Rush.”

-Robert Z. Aliber, author of Your Money or Your Life, Professor of Economics, University of Chicago


From Here to Economy

“An entertaining cure for those scared of economics. With good humor, Buchholz throws light into the dark corners of our everyday economy.”

–Howard Banks, Washington bureau chief, Forbes

“It’s easy to see why Todd Buchholz was a prize-winning teacher…He has a gift for wrapping a complex piece of information in memorable anecdote…an entertaining primer.”

–Wall Street Journal

“Economics is anything but dismal in the hands of Buchholz…Offers up everyday, real-life examples that vividly and clearly illustrate the basic principles of economics.”



Lasting Lessons from the Corner Office

“Inspirational stories from the greatest business minds in history. Anyone can learn from their struggles, setbacks and, ultimately, successes.”


“Fascinating…shows the power of ideas and persistence…a valuable guide to understanding what makes an economy grow.”

–New York Sun