Economic Forecasting

As a managing director of the $15 billion Tiger hedge fund and adviser to investment funds around the world, Todd Buchholz has been connecting the dots on the economy for decades. Todd offers insights accumulated over years of scholarship at Harvard and Cambridge, and policy advising in the White House.  He has accurately forecast such events as the 2011 downgrade in U.S. debt, the 2009 turn in GDP, and the 2008 pop in commodity prices.

In books like Market Shock , New Ideas from Dead Economists and From Here to Economy, Todd probes the economic indicators that form the basis for macroeconomic forecasts. Key issues of focus include the increasing demand for energy, the rise of China’s economy, changes in international trade, and the aging workforce.

Reuters, Bloomberg and Businessweek have all reported that Todd is on the short-list for an appointment to the Federal Reserve Board.

In Todd’s regular media appearances, he explores the day-by-day, nitty gritty issues that influence the bigger picture. With flexibility and depth, Todd Buchholz has been widely recognized for a balanced, perceptive understanding of economic indicators and trends.


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