Why Rich Nations Fail and How to Renew Them

“A fascinating romp through sociology, anthropology, politics, and above all, history. A crackling good read—a tour de force that leaps through time and space and is as entertaining as it is educational.” — Alan S. Blinder, former vice chair of the Federal Reserve Board and professor of economics at Princeton University

“A must-read. In this powerful and provocative book, Todd Buchholz offers a clear road map for America.” 

— Glenn Hubbard, dean of Columbia Graduate School of Business and former chair of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers


“Buchholz projects a communicable affection for the loud business of life, of risk-taking and devoted engagement in the pursuit of happiness.”


– Kirkus Book Reviews





An Introduction to Modern Economic Thought

Named a “classic” by the American Economics Association and on the recommended reading list of Goldman Sachs, Harvard, and universities around the world.

“If you read only one economics book this year, read this one,” — Larry Summers, former U.S. Treasury Secretary

“Outstanding...Fun to read.” — The Wall Street Journal





Lasting Lessons from the Corner Office

New Ideas from Dead CEOs uncovers the secrets behind the success of the great CEOs through their lives and personal stories. Why did Ray Kroc's plan for McDonald's thrive when all the other burger joints failed? How can we apply his lessons to Krispy Kreme? How did Walt Disney's most dismal day as a young cartoonist radically change his career direction?

“Inspirational stories from the greatest business minds in history. Anyone can learn from their struggles, setbacks, and ultimate successes.” 

— Entrepreneur



9 Economic and Social Upheavals That Will Shake Your Financial Future — and What to Do About Them

“A riveting account of the social and technological forces that will shape the financial markets in the years ahead. “ — PBS Nightly Business Report

“A witty guide to many possible futures – and how to profit from there.” — Wall Street Journal



Why We Thrive In The Rat Race

“Buchholz’s insightful observations about what makes us tick are surprising, intelligent, and entertaining. Drawing from a wide range of disciplines, he sets us straight about what we really want out of life—and makes us wonder why no one has told us before.” 

— Leonard Mlodinow, Stephen Hawking's co-author of The Grand Design

“Wicked smart. Todd Buchholz actually makes this science fun.” — Neil Cavuto, Fox Television



The Outsourcing Crisis — and How We Can Fix It

Outsourcing is no longer just a problem for factory workers. Suddenly, software writers and radiologists are easier to hire and work with in India than in Indiana. But who can fault companies for hiring competent labor wherever it’s cheapest? In Bringing the Jobs Home, Todd recommends fixes for our education, immigration, tax, and legal systems that will make America lean and muscular again—and make our labor pool the most attractive in the world.

“Well-argued, compact, and highly readable.“ — NY POST



Another stick of dynamite in the pages of U.S. history, The Castro Gene is a John Grisham-like thriller about money, politics, and the Rat Pack era.

“A thrilling tale packed with fast action, characters you care about, and a finale you will never forget.  A brilliant debut.” — Marshall Brickman, Academy Award-winning writer of Annie Hall and Jersey Boys.