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"Todd Buchholz was incredible and his speech was informative, educational, factual and funny. He engaged the crowd, made people laugh – but he also made us think as well”

—  Salem Communications


Prosperity Ahead — or Not?

  • Discover how demographics, technology, and globalization are reshaping the economy and our future

  • Pinpoint the signs of stock market rallies, and the warning signs of slumps

  • Identify the political pressures on trade, debt, and interest rates from the U.S. to the E.U. to China

4 Ways to Conquer a Business Crisis

  • Find out how companies like Disney, Johnson & Johnson, and Audi bounced back from near-fatal hits to their bottom line

  • Discover whether your company should invoke the “Clean Sweep” or “Big Bet” strategy to win back customers

  • Learn whether the economy will bounce back with a V-shaped, U-shaped, or W-shaped recovery, and how to adjust

  • Position your company to be, not just a survivor but a beneficiary of the economic rebound ahead

  • Target the customers and entities that can spend the most—soon

Todd unlocks the 4 strategies that keep businesses prospering when they hit an unexpected crisis. Ninety percent of the Fortune 500 list from 1955 are gone. What can you learn from the survivors? Tap into Todd's frontline experience as White House director of economic policy and managing director of the Tiger investment fund, to get your business growing now.

How to Compete in a Global Economy

  • Learn how the “scissors economy” cuts costs while creating new opportunities

  • Explore the ways to build customer loyalty even when facing unforeseen competition

  • Find out which countries offer the best opportunities for investment and expansion

Behavioral Economics Can Work for You

  • Explore how generational differences impact your workplace and your customers

  • See how psychology shapes financial and customer choices

  • Learn the three words that most excite your employees, investors, and clients

Finding Hope in World Politics

  • Take a world tour to the “hot spots” that are on the cusp of economic and political change

  • Understand how presidents and prime ministers  -- from Washington to Beijing -- make crucial decisions

  • Learn how globalization has lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty, while sparking protests about Brexit, NAFTA, and NATO.

New Ideas from Dead CEOs

  • Discover the entrepreneurial secrets that launched McDonalds, Sony, Estee Lauder, and Apple.

  • Find out why Ray Kroc, Steve Jobs, and Sam Walton conquered their competition

  • Apply the brilliant and motivational lessons of the greatest CEOs to your business today

  • Examine whether now is the best time to lock in financing and where  around the globe are the best opportunities

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