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Math Arrow:
Kira Counting
Math Arrow:
Kyle Counting

“A fascinating visual representation of numbers. There's nothing else like it. It's the next generation of the 100s chart!”


— Success Academy Schools —David Noah, Managing Director

About Sproglit Counting Games

Math Games that Make Kids, Parents, and Teachers Happy

Sproglit math games are designed to make learning fun! Entertaining characters, explorative journeys and exciting challenges keep kids focused and engaged while building number sense and learning Common Core skills.

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“An exciting new way to build number sense"


— Solana Vista Elementary School —

Lisa Platt, Principal



Martin Cooper —

Inventor of the Cellphone

Math Arrow:
Kyle Counting Game


Math Arrow: Kyle Counting

Math Arrow:
Kira Counting Game


Math Arrow: Kira Counting



the App

  • Boosts test scores by 7 to 11% in just 1 hour  (according to university study)

  • Kids learn to count by 5s, 10s, and many other numbers

  • "App of the Week” — eSchool News

  • Based on the amazing Math Arrow poster, which makes math intuitive for kids and has been featured by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Your child or student will love helping Kyle and Kira the Kangaroo hop around the jungle, the Outback, and the city, while learning addition and multiplication skills. Play Smart, Get Smarter!

“A fascinating invention with huge potential. I'm very keen to try it out with my daughter.” 

– Shane Richmond, Chief Technology Editor, Daily Telegraph